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Things to Check Out in Cancun During the Holidays

Things to Check Out in Cancun During the Holidays

For those wanting to get away from the snow, blustery winds or just want a change of scenery this holiday season, we suggest visiting Cancun, Mexico. Located on the Caribbean Sea, this southeastern tourist spot features lovely white sandy beaches and blue waters. In the background, luxurious buildings stand along a 17-mile stretch of coastline known as the Hotel Zone.

Whether you are a sun-worshiper, explorer or history buff, we got you covered. Cancun offers numerous attractions to satisfy everyone, it has more than 100 nearby beaches, archaeology sites as well as golfing, shopping, fine dining, holiday festivities and vibrant clubs where you can party into the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, after all this activity, you will need to visit us at Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun to unwind with one of our professional massages, facials or other specialties.

Cancun in the Winter

Since Cancun has a tropical climate, you can expect the temperature to be consistently pleasant throughout the year, ranging from the high of 84 °F to the low of 79 °F. However, in the winter, you will get some rainfall, and there is a chance for hurricanes to develop.

Although hurricanes can happen during this season, large cyclones are rare, so tourists and locals can avoid being greatly affected. Federal, state and government authorities have measures in place just in case they have to deal with any issues that could arise from this type of emergency.

Holiday Activities in Cancun

Cancun becomes even lovelier around the holidays. Here you will see colorful decorations everywhere, in the form of Christmas trees, lights and piñatas. Houses, parks, shopping center, hotels and streets are full of ornamentation’s.

Here are a few Cancun’s holiday offerings:

  • Kukulkan Plaza is an exclusive shopping center, in which the Tourism department utilizes it to showcase Cancun’s City Choir, various singers, as well as present a series of concerts during the month of December.
  • Between December 16th and 24th, Las Posadas is in full swing. This is a ceremony reenacting the story of Joseph and Mary, seeking shelter. You will see a candle-lit procession as the actors sing about what they are illustrating. Tourists are encouraged to join in the walk. At the end of this act, the travelers finally find shelter and then prayer is offered as everyone gathers around a nativity scene. Later on, drinks are served to the adults and children play board games.
  • If you are lucky during your holiday vacation, you might be asked by the some of the locals to come to their houses for Noche Buena. This holiday is observed on Christmas Eve, where family and friends get together to eat, exchange presents and light fireworks. This comradery often continues past midnight!
  • New Year Eve in Cancun is filled with non-stop events. For instance, December 31st, musician Steve Aoki will perform at Mandala Beach, with a repast of cakes and champagne. Fireworks, parties, music and the eating of 12 grapes for each stroke of the clock is a part of everyone experience.

Unwind at Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun

When you are on vacation, it means you can relax. Receiving a massage from our trained experts gives you an opportunity to do this.

We offer a host of service including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of work goes deeper than a standard massage. We focus on tissues, fascia and the muscles to bring you ultimate relief
  • Reflexology: Stimulating the reflex areas in your feet, we are able to bring your whole body into a surreal condition and you will feel revived at the end of our session.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Heated basalt stones, provide relief for chronic conditions including arthritis, strained muscles and stress.

Facials, sports medicine and pregnancy massages are also a part of our repertoire.

To make an appointment, or for more information, please contact us online or call us at 801-243-7918.

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