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Massage for Tourists in Cancun, MX

Award-Winning and Affordable Massage for Tourists in Cancun, MX

Few experiences offer the combination of Cancun’s natural beauty and serenity with wholesome relaxation as a massage from Matrix. With their two-time award winning massage therapists specializing in deep tissue massages, they offer the right touch at the right price. A wide variety of massages, including hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and even pregnancy massage, are performed by fully licensed and trained massage therapists with over 20 years of experience.

massage-tourists-cancun-mxSpend More Time Relaxing, Not More Money

Resorts in Cancun are notorious for overcharging their guests for their massages, sometimes at double or triple the normal rate. Take advantage of the benefits of up to a 120-minute massage at Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun for a price that others could only offer for a fraction of the time. Matrix is also conveniently located only 3 blocks from the beach, making access easy from anywhere in Cancun.

More than Just Relaxation

The health benefits of a massage can significantly reduce pain, relieve muscle tension, and even be effective in treating headaches and fibromyalgia. Pregnancy massages are effective at easing back pain when medication is not enough. Reflexology massages (hands and feet), offer the additional benefit of reducing body aches and digestive problems, as certain pressure points in each of these areas contribute to tightness throughout the body. Traditional massages such as the deep tissue and general massages aim to relax and stimulate the senses, leaving the body in a euphoric state.

Matrix Massage Therapists Are Fully Licensed and Trained

It takes years to fully understand the human anatomy and how to treat it correctly. In order to gain certification, massage therapists at Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun undergo extensive training to learn the proper techniques to treat muscle issues and the mechanisms behind each muscle function. Each therapist has a degree in massage therapy, demonstrating their comprehensive knowledge of the human body to tailor each session uniquely toward the individual. Following graduation, all therapists then earned a license to practice as well as enabled them to explain each client’s medical issues directly.

Over 29 Years’ Experience Performing Massages

Not only are Matrix therapists trained and fully certified, but they have been practicing for over 20 years. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and an experienced therapist will understand that not all clients can be treated equally. This combination of expertise and experience has even caught the attention of famous soccer players who have spent extended amounts of time with Matrix’s owner for sports massages. Critics have also taken note of the owner’s reputation as he has won multiple awards for his deep tissue massages as well. The variety, convenience, experience, and value of a Matrix massage cannot be found anywhere else in Cancun.

Bilingual Massage Therapists

few employees of Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun speak English and Spanish fluently to serve both the local community and visiting vacationers with the highest level of communication and hospitality.

Schedule a Massage At Matrix Spa & Massage Cancun Today

Open 7 days a week, Matrix Spa & Massage therapists are available to provide their award-winning services when it is most convenient for you. Please contact us to book your own massage in the peace and serenity of Cancun at today! We look forward to making you feel your best!

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